Künstler Titel
Eagles of Death Metal Death by sexy
Earth Crisis Neutralize The Threat
Earth Flight Earth Flight (Demo)
Ebony Ark When the City is quiet
Edenbridge The Bonding

  The Grand Design
Eden weint im Grab Der Herbst des Einsamen
Edgar Allan Poe Projekt Visionen
Edguy Rocket Ride
Eeriness Paths
Effloresce Shades of Fate (Demo)
Eighteen Visions The Best of (Best of)
Eilera Fusion
Einherjer Av Oss, For Oss
Eïs Bannstein
Eisblume Unter dem Eis
  Unter dem Eis EP
Eisbrecher Eiskalt (Best Of)

Eisheilig Imperium
  Auf dem Weg in deine Welt
Eisregen Marschmusik
  Brummbär EP
Ektomorf Black Flag

The Acoustic

  What doesn't kill me
Elane The Fire of Glenvore
Electric Eel Shock Sugoi Indeed
Elend A World in their Screams
El Gordo The Man behind the Machine
Elias Viljanen Fire-Hearted
Elis Catharsis
  Show me the Way EP
  Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky
Elite We own the Mountains
El*ke Adrenalin (EP)
Elli Moving on
Eluveitie Helvetios

Evocation I - The Arcance Dominion
Emancer Twilight and Randomness
Emerald Re-Forged
Emergancy Gate You
Emigrate Emigrate
Emmure Eternal Enemies
  Goodbye to Gallow
Empatic Gods Of Thousands Souls
Emperor Live Inferno
Empires of Eden Reborn in the Fire
Empyrios And the Rest is Silence
Empyrium A Retrospective
End of Green The Painstream

High Hopes in Low Places
  The Sick's Sense
End of You Mimisis
Endstille Verführer
  Endstilles Reich
Enemy of the Sun Shadows
Erforcer Diamonds
Engel Absolute Design
Ensiferum Unsung Heroes

Victory Songs
  10th Anniversary Live (DVD)
  Dragonheads (EP)
Enslaved Vertebrae
Ensoph Rex Mundi X-Ile
Enter Shikari Common Dreads
  Take to the Skies
Entombed Dead Dawn (als Entombed A.D.)
  Back to the Front (als Entombed A.D.)
  Serpent Saints
  When in Sodom (EP)
Enthroned Tetra Karcist
Entrapment The Obscurity Within
Entwine Painstrained
  Fatal Design
Ephrat No One's Word
Epica Design your Universe
  The Score
Consign to Oblivion
Epochate Chronicles of a dying Era
Equilibrium Sagas
  Turis Fratyr
Eric Fish Anders sein - Der Filmtourfilm (DVD)
  Gegen den Strom
  Auge in Auge - Live
Erik Norlander Hommage Symphonique
Eryn Non Dae. Hydra Lernaïa
Eschenbach Alles In Allem

Eskimo Callboy Crystals
Eternal Lord Blessed be this Nightmare
Eternal Majesty Wounds of hatred and slavery
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Children of the dark Water
  Before the bleeding Sun
Eureka Shackleton's Voyage
Europe War of Kings (Tour Edition)
  War of Kings
  Bag Of Bones
Live At Shepard's Bush

Last look at Eden
  Secret Society
Evanescence Evanescence

Evergreen Terrace Wolfbiker
Evergrey The Storm Within
  Hymns For The Broken
  Glorious Collision
  Monday Morning Apocalypse
A Night to Remember
The Inner Circle
Everlast The Life Acoustic
Ever Since Between Heaven and Hell
Everwood The Ravens Nest
  Mind Games
Everything Burns Home
Evocation Illusions Of Grandeur

  Tales from the Tomb
Evroklidon The Flames of Sodom
Exarsis Brutal State
Excalion Primal Exhale
Exciter Thrash, Speed, Burn
Excruciation (T)horns
  Angels to some, Demons to others
Ex Deo Caligvla
Exilia Decode
My own Army
  Nobody Excluded
  Unleashed (Re-Release)
Can't break me Down (Single)
Coincidence (Single)
Exodus Let there be Blood
Ex-Ortation Bulletproof
Extrema Pound for Pound
Eyefear A World full of Grey
Eyes set to Kill Masks