Hi guys and girls,

Here we are writing our toudiary of this “ there goes the neighborhood” tour where we play with God Forbid and Ill Nino from USA. We are happy to share the stage with those great bands and to have the opportunity to promote live our new record “MY OWN ARMY”.


Hope you’ll enjoy our stories  with us!!

Masha, Alien, Marco, Ale - EXILIA 


March 8th, Fribourg (CH)

The show yesterday was amazing! Many many people were singing our songs!! This is the best thing ever! That’s the main thing that came in my mind as soon as I opened my eyes.

Today we tried to sleep a little bit more so it’s already 11.45 am … it’s really cold outside, I’m looking through my window and the sky is totally grey... there is still snow on the side of the streets.


2 pm: We just finished to eat an amazing soup for vegans that saved our stomach for today. It was so tasty!!!


7 pm: Me and Alien had fun today because we are writing some new songs, so we spent some hours playing in our dressing rooms. The other guys are watching movies on their laptop or  check e-mails. Unfortunately there is so much time free where you can’t do anything... you just have to wait and wait… That everybody of us is well organized and we got all to don’t get bored!!


7:45 pm: Time to go on stage!!!!


10.45 pm. Ill Nino just finished ,it was an amazing show for all of us - GOD FORBID,  EXILIA and Ill NINO!!! We are all happy and there is a big party now! I wish u could see all of this mess here around so you can surely know what  itmeans to be on tour with this great band called ILL NINO!!! PS: shaky is so happy because  today he found some chicken!!


March 7th, Winterthur (CH)

Here we are at Salzhaus in Winterthur! We really  like Switzerland and the people here … the only thing we don’t like is this fucking limiter of DB's on the sound system! We can’t play very loud here... :-( . Anyway the club is awesome, perfect stage and perfect PA sound - and this is enough to do a powerful show!


At 7.50 the club is already packed, it’s sold out actually! So we are ready to start, there are many guys in the first row with some EXILIA T-shirts, the intro from Phoenix is already on so it’s time to leave you guys!


11 pm: Today we are spent some time at our merch area and we met a lot of people that came here for us! A lot of people that are in love with our new record “My Own Army” ….


March 6th, Milano (I)

After a long trip we are finally in our home town MILANOOOOO!!! This is so great because today we can meet all our friends here and we can speak Italian!!! Unfortunately today is raining. We hoped to get a bit of sun but unfortunately it’s not like this. Shaky is so happy that he can eat his favorite food from Italy. I asked to a friend of mine to buy it,

It’s 7.30 and we are ready to play,… it’s so strange to start that early in Italy because normally the people go out really late here but it’s always a pleasure to play in our country so it doesn’t really matter ;-).


We will do our best to rock the house!!


8.30 pm:  hey the show was great!!! There were a lot of people anyway so thanks to all of the guys that came to the show so early for us! Tonight we go to the club Rock’n’roll in Rho- Milan which is a great place for “rock people “. talk to you tomorrow!


March 4th, Stuttgart (D)

10 am - Shit … today I start feeling sick! I have cold and fever. I took all the medicine I have with me but I feel terribly sick! Hope It will be better during the next hours! Anyway today as soon as I arrived at the venue in front of the doors there was a date written with a big pencil that was 17.12.08.. unbelievable during this tour I saw so many! You have no idea… I’m getting crazy over here!


5 Pm: The guys from Ill-Nino are starting the soundcheck and we are taking a look of the backstage and dressing room… Wow!!!! Today foods are better than the other days and we got enough time to chill, eat something and pick-up our stuff from the motor-home! (today the opening-act is from Silent Fail!)


7 Pm: That’s our time for the Check! Stage is ready and everything is right,today I’m happy ‘cause I will play my own drumset so... We are Ready to Rock!!!


10:30 Pm: The show was so F….n’ Cool! People were singing all the songs, moshin’ and headbanging for all the time! Tomorrow will be a day-off… Now it's time to enjoy a good after-show drinkin’ and meeting people till the end of the of about Ill-Nino!


March 3rd, Vienna (AT)

Yesterday we spent our day off in Berlin and just tonight we arrived in Austria. Vienna is an amazing city to play, the audience is always hot and noisy!


5pm… Everybody of us took the chance to sleep a bit today and at the moment we are going around with  these weird “zombie faces”, everybody is asking for energy drinks  ;-)


7 pm - We have just finished the soundcheck and luckily we are looking better than before!


7.45 - It’s time to go on stage... the club is sold out again… people, as I was saying before, are really noisy.


10 pm - Our show was amazing, now Ill Nino is playing … people are getting crazy here!!! Vienna is amazing!!!



March 1th, Berlin (D)

Berlin is one of our favorite cities in Europe so obviously it's so nice to play here! The club is beautiful  and we  are becoming really good friends with all the guys here! It seems like we are getting into a big “Italian Family” - very noisy and funny at the same time! God Forbid are really nice guys, we love them and Ill Nino, all the bands and their crew are so special!!! After a stop during the afternoon at X-tra-X, my favorite shop in Berlin, we are ready to prepare our stuff and to make our soundcheck.


7.45 pm - we are ready to go on stage… it’s beautiful to be here !

11.30 pm - the concert is over and there is a big party here… everybody is having fun, shaky is eating salami, the guys are talking to each other… many beautiful girls are running around… it’s seems like the party will end really late tonight!!


February 28th, Hamburg (D)

We have been here so many times, to record songs in studios, to play live, we  know the city very well but it has always something special to be here in Hamburg! In front of the venue there is a big market so we can’t get  close to the club , but this is a great opportunity to  check this market… you know that I love this thing! It’s full of strange things , old stuff, furniture for the house, toys, jewelery, I bought an old bracelet for me …and it looks good! Marco and Ale are inside the venue joking with the guys from ill Nino’s crew, there is a great “FAMILY” mood here, everybody is trying to help each other and this is the first time I see something like this! No … maybe I’m wrong, there was this cool mood also when we played with the german band IN EXTREMO…they were really nice and let me say “hello” to all of them!


7 pm - Just had a meet and greets with the  famous designer Leon Verres who is a big fan of our band, he is such a nice guy and we talked a lot about music, image and heavy bands.

7.40, EXILIA is ready to go on stage, the club is sold out!!! 8.15 we just finished and probably this was our best show so far, the audience was amazing with us… they were singing the songs, making noise, shouting as loud as they can!!! Thanks Hamburg!!!


And by the way.. tonight  shaky watched the show from the front of house area!!! Shaky rocks guys and Hamburg too!!!


February 27th, Copenhagen (DK)

8.40 am - After a long long trip, we are arrived in Puttgarde and we  ready to take the boat that will bring us in Denmark!!! Many of us are sleeping, but like always  the only one still alive is Alien, we don’t know how he can do that, but he doesn’t sleep at all… probably guys, Alien is the real last vampire in this world! This is the only explanation I have for him!


2 pm – We finally arrived at  THE ROCK in Copenhagen!! We were in Copenhagen 4 years ago when we played with Rammstein and it’s so cool to be here once again!


5 pm -  I just took a walk with Shaky in the center of Copenhagen!! We took some pics together!! Let me say to all of you that Copenhagen is really beautiful! The people are really nice and it is full of big stores … I was looking at the sky while I was walking  and here the sky  is so clear, so wide,  so impressive.- I had the feeling for a second that something or someone was looking at me as well … I know it’s just a crazy idea, a crazy feeling but I felt good walking under the sky of Copenhagen!


9pm - We played very early tonight  and since the stage is small we used the drumkit of God Forbid!! Thanks to their great drummer!! Anyway the show was great and we are so happy that the guys were singing our song here as well!! We hope to come back soon to your beautiful city!!


February 26th, Cologne (D)

Here we are in Koln!! We love this city!! Finally we could sleep a bit  more tonight and  we feel really really better! Me and the guys just went to a supermarket to buy some things to put in our fridge in the van, and guess what we bought?? Italian coffee, Italian oil, mozzarella etc, basically our typical things from Italy!! It seems like we can’t live without Italian coffee!!! Essigfabrik is an amazing place, big stage, big PA… it really rocks!


6pm-  we are here with all the guys from God Forbid and Ill Nino , having dinner together,  there is a mess here, Shaky is asking food to everybody and everybody is giving him something, it’s quite strange to see big men to become really really nice with a small Yorkshire of 3 kilos!!


7.30pm -  we are ready to go on stage…  our new intro from the song Phoenix  is already on!!!

Exilia is coming  with his own army …


February 25th, Eindhoven (NL)

2 am: Milano – Eindhoven. Means  we are starting the tour, means we are all excited, means a lot of luggage everywhere , means a lot of noise, and it  means 1000km!! Ready or not we are leaving Milano!

5pm - After this long long trip, we are finally arrived in Eindhoven, we are really tired at the moment and it’s already 5 pm… that means we will play in 2 hours and a half. We put our stuff into the big elevator of the venue “Effenaar”(which is an amazing place to play!) and then we are inside in this huge building where you have to take care to don’t lose yourself :-). Luckily on the walls is full of signs that are saying where the main stage , catering, and dressing rooms are! But it seems that we are too stoned for this and Alien is already lost after 5 minutes… But before we go on let me introduce you to our family for this tour:

Me (Masha, who is writing at the moment), Alien, our crazy guitarplayer, Ale Lera “ the demonoid drummer “,  Marco “our heavy bassplayer” ,  Heike our tourmanager from Germany , Walter - a sound guy from Italy and obviously Shaky our rock dog that is so happy to be in tour again…I will show you some pics later on to prove what I’m saying about Shaky!! We are so happy to meet the guys from ILL NINO again!  They are really nice people and it’s amazing that we can share the stage with them and God forbid! The first one we met is Dave, who also produced some songs on our last record, it’s time for bug hugs for everybody until Shaky starts barking to all of the people to say “hey Dave , hey guys , I’m here too, I’m small but I can bark really loud, do you remember??!!!" Haha :-) !


We started at 7.25 and the venue was already full, it was a good gig even if we feel like we have  to improve our setlist, I’m sure tomorrow with some rest and the new set list everything will sound more powerful than ever!


Link: www.exiliaweb.com