Heidevolk's exklusive "Heidenfest" tourdiary 2010 @ sounds2move.de

Sunday 03 (Antwerp, BE)

12:00 waking up with mixed feelings, a bit down because it is the last day of the tour but happy because I know the Belgium crowd is going to be amazing!


13:30 Arrival at Hof ter Loo. We are early, I guess the bus driver speeded up a bit. We’ve played a quite a few shows in Belgium but we’ve never been in this venue before so I’m quite curious.


14:00 installed in the backstage, what a nice venue! Nice stage!


16:00 in the store next to the venue Joost, Sebas and me are looking for some nonsense to cheer up the show of the other bands at this last show.


17:00 Sound check, I get an almost heart attack when I discover that some of my music gear is lost (like my bass guitar was). Luckily the monitor tech from Ensiferum found it, so I bought him a bottle of Wodka, good man! Though I discover that today is just not my day, multiple things go wrong. Must be stress of the near ending of the tour.      


18:00 Interviews are fun!


19:00 Ready to rock the last of the 24 shows!


19:25 When we set in the last song everybody is going crazy! Thanks Belgium for giving us a great show on the last day.


20:00 Huge party at the Swahbuckle show


21:00 As parrot on stage with Equilibrium


23:00 counting merchandise sucks when you want to party!


0:30 saying goodbye to everybody. We had some great fun the last few weeks. I could have easily spend more days with the whole team. But it is that time, so there we go…


1:00 Finally some nice Belgium beer from some nice people, ready to drive home in our own little van.


3:00 drinking in the van, talking about the tour, then…KABOOOOOOOM…a blown tire! Our driver, pale as hell drives the van to a save spot. Luckily we have Kevin with us and Kevin is a car mechanic and we have a spare wheel.


5:00 After a zillion photo’s of Joost and the blown tire we are ready to drive again.


7:00 Home sweet home, though I’m going to miss being on tour it is good to be home.


We had damn great tour, we had a great time with the other bands and the crew, meeting people worth knowing a lot better! The shows rocked, without exception! We had  a great 24 shows and couldn’t wish for a greater crowd. We also drank a lot (with or without you) and saw a lot, which made this into a great time!


Thanks a lot everyone!!!


Saturday 02 (Linz, AT)

13:00 waking up with a terrible thirst, the traces of the party last night are definitely there.


13:15 during my walk to the venue I bump into Kristoff and a nice lady who is wearing a big case. IT IS MY BASSGUITAR!!! I didn’t tell you this before but I lost my bass guitar in Budapest. Somewhere in the dark wooden corners of the Wig Wam club it waited to be found. I’m eternally indebted to her now.


14:00 Now the day started off so well we decide to take it easy and not go into town. So, hanging backstage, trying to sleep a bit…easy does it!


17:45 Photo shoot right after the sound check. Everybody of the tour party is on stage wearing a Heidenfest t-shirt, well everybody…some are still missing. They are sleeping away hangovers, I guess.


18:00 finally, everybody is here. Photo’s!


19:00 Nice crowd in Linz! Everybody is singing along with Saksenland and we have a massive wall of death.


19:30 what can we say Linz, you guys and gals rock!


22:00 We are talking with people inside and outside the venue hearing tons of different stories.


0:30 we have to clear out the backstage fast now, we’ve got a 14 hour drive to Antwerp ahead.


1:00 the last night in the tour bus, last night of listening to deejay NB’s classic rock, last night of drinking cold beer in a tiny space with a smelly toilet, last night of sleeping in a space of 2 x 0,8 x 0,6. Believe me, we’re going to miss it!



Friday 01 (Innsbruck, AT)

12:00 A clowdy day in Innsbruck. Off to a slow start, I wish I liked coffee…


13:15 Time to act like a tourist again! Armed with my trusty camera I’m off to see the city!


- Joris


14:00 We are strolling around in the nice inner city of Innsbruck. The typical buildings create an almost mystical sphere and the curtain of mountains that surrounds the city lies silently in the mist. Nice!


16:00 The Prosecco we had yesterday gave us a taste for some more so we head off to a terrace. After two nice bottles we rush ourselves back to the venue for the soundcheck.


19:00 On stage, rocking our asses of and having a lot of fun! Second time Heidevolk in Austria ever, we like it!


19:15 We make the decision to not do a wall of death at Het Wilde Heer, the big pole in the middle of the venue predicts there will be casualties.


19:30 Much people showing up and having fun!


20:00 I find myself on stage during Swashbuckle wearing an ape suit, yes it is that time again.


0:00 We are talking with fans outside the venue, having a good time. They tell us about a legendary bar, the Abyss bar where there will be a big after party. I’m curious…


1:00 in a cab to the Abyss bar with a side stop at an ATM.


1:15 Arrival at the Abyss bar. The bar is rather small but we find our space outside. More and more of the bands and crew gather at the bar, we’re taking over!


1:30 Joost arrives with a huge pile of Jeagermeister shot bottles! After a big cheers hosted by Paul we find ourselves creating our own Domino D-Day with the empty shot bottles. Emmi pushes the first bottle and the bottles rush all their way to the end, leaving none standing, such an amazing sight…


2:00 having interesting conversations with interesting people, I like this evening!


4:00 the evening is getting blurry now, lets get a cab back to the tour bus…


- Rowan


Thursday 30 (Bologna, IT)

 14:00 A scorching bus parked in the middle of a surreal post-war scenery is where I find myself. It appears Bologna hosted a car fair or something, and they are still in the process of cleaning up. Tradition meanwhile dictates that we visit the city centre, and so we do.


15:00 Walking around in sunny Bologna, admiring the floors, ceilings, buildings, monuments… everything really! Time for a bottle of Prosecco!


16:45 That second bottle of Prosecco really hit the spot! Time for the soundcheck. We return to the venue and see that the first fans have already arrived.


19:30 That was one of the most intense shows we’re ever done, what a fanatical audience!


20:00 When in Bologna… spaghetti Bolognese!


23:59 Picture time! Joost hosts one woman after another on his shoulders as we have a great time with the terrific Italian fans.

- Joris


Wednesday 29 (Ljubljana, SI)

6:00 Burning the midnight oil with Andi, Patrik and Nick. We’re out of Löwenbräu and Pombärs so we stop at a gas station. Nick talks the cashier into believing Andi is the guitar player for Rammstein so we get a little discount.


7:30 The good music keeps on coming and we see the sun rise over the beautiful Hungarian landscape, but now it’s really time to go to bed.


15:00 I awaken and feel fine, much to my surprise. It’s a warm and sunny day in Ljubljana and after some breakfast we decide to check out the city.


16:15 Sitting on a terrace with the lads once again. Sokol beer is not for me I’m afraid. Too bad we have to go back for soundcheck, would’ve loved to see more of Ljubljana. We take the taxi back to the venue


19:30 And so our second show in Slovenia ends, amazing to see the fire in the eyes of the crowd! A very, very rewarding experience!


20:00 Dinner at a restaurant next to Slovenias Big Brother house!


20:30 Mingling in the crowd, a lot of Croatians there too! Being taught a rather weird but funny song about goldfish and getting to know some fantastic people, really great atmosphere!


23:59 Afterparty near the busses, a couple of die-hard Slovenians stay with us till deep in the night, until sadly we have to move on… can’t wait to return to this fantastic country and its people!


Tuesday 28 (Budapest, HU)

13:00 We awaken in a rather rough neighborhood. It turns out that this is the only week of the year that people get to throw their thrash in a pile on the streets and the city cleans it up. The Wigwam club is a sight to be seen! Country-themed, a rather high stage and with appropriately-dressed personnel. Took a cab to the city centre, where after a crazy ride we walked around for a couple of hours before landing on a terrace in the sun.


23:59 Afterparty outside in front of the busses. Speakers pumping good and not-so good music, dancing people playing football, our Polish drum tech chasing rats… yep, it’s that time again

- Joris


Monday 27 (Bratislava, SK)

4:00 Unable to sleep due to the bumpy ride, feels like we’ve gone off-road!


12:00 Arrival at the club in Bratislava, really nice venue but a bit tight in the backstage with all those bands and crew. We go out to town to see what’s happening. We find a small but cozy and clean inner city, and I really liked it a lot. Had a nice Belgian beer at café De Zwaan, before walking back to the venue.


19:30 In spite of our fears that very few people would come to watch us, there was quite a decent crowd with fanatics! A real honor to play in Slovakia for the first time for such a great crowd!


23:59 Talking to people outside the hall; this has to be one of the best things about touring! Getting in touch with people in other countries, learning what life is like for them and of course a lot of laughter and comradery.

- Joris


Sunday 26 (Prague, PL)

7:30 Breakfast. Nothing like looking at your hungover bandmates early in the morning. Very friendly lady at the Altstadt Hotel!


8:00 After squeezing the bus through the narrow gate of the parking lot we drive off! Before long, we are stopped and it turns out we have some fans at the local police department too!


10:00 Entering the Czech Republic, admiring the beautiful forests!




12:00 meeting up with a very hung over crew. The rest of the bands are still asleep after the big party they had in Vienna. Joost and me decide to go to the city center.


14:00 at the metro station and trying to buy tickets with Euro’s. No luck, we have to get the Czech funny money first, luckily there is a ATM nearby.


15:00 we’re having a budvar beer at a fancy restaurant in Prague center. We don’t have much time because we have to be back for the soundcheck. So we rush ourselves through the city to see as much as possible.


16:00 still sightseeing in Prague… where was the Metro station again?


16:30 back in the Metro, on our way to the venue. With the help of a kind local lady we’ve found the Metro station again.


18:00 set up, sound checked and ready to Rock, bring it on Prague.


21:00 we find ourselves drinking and talking with the crowd and we meet interesting people!

- Rowan


23:59 Afterparty at the venue, where they recreated an entire beach. Hit the sack early because of the long drive ahead.

- Joris


0:30 The artificial beach is starting to grow on us, sitting comfortable on big couch drinking some nice wine. Paul and Joost make a discovery channel program about polar bears, parrots and … Buddha (?).

- Rowan


Saturday 25 (Fimbul Festival in Fürth, D)

12:00 Going to the venue, looking forward to seeing our friends of Gernotshagen, Odroerir, Skyforger XIV Dark Centuries, Waylander and Black Messiah again!


15:00 Kevin working his magic on some broken fuses of our van. Technical stuff.

- Joris


20:00 preparing for the show, trying to figure out how the gear we’ve loaned today works. I hope the amps will sound okay!


20:15 I’ve discovered a Ampeg SVT with cabinet somewhere between the gear. This is what I’m going to use (very happy Rowan).

- Rowan


22:00 Sound could’ve been better, but man what a fantastic audience! Too bad we have to get up early to drive to Prague tomorrow, would have loved to stick around some more hours! Got to talk to a lot of people and sign some weird items. Thanks for the cold beer, Lisa!


23:00 Autogram stunde: having great fun talking to fans!


1:00 Damn! Where is that hotel again?


- Joris


1:30 Mark and I head out for some food and find a McDonalds that is open till 3:00. A cold Beer and a Burger, how nice!


- Rowan


3:30 Sounds like Black Messiah found the hotel too.


- Joris


Friday 24 (Stuttgart, D)

11:00 Very early (for this tour). I’m awake and have a lot of energy left so I decide to do some exercise. Jogging my way through the industrial area of Stuttgart, not a very cheer full sight. But who cares.


16:00 This must be the earliest show on this tour so far! We fear that only a handful of people will be there on this Friday.


16:01 On stage, venue packed with people (almost 90% of the people already there). Didn’t expect this, awesome!!! You know it is so great to see that a lot of people show up for the first band.


17.30 Nice thing to be on stage early, you get off early and off to drink beers with friends and fans. Good to get up to speed with a lot of familiars, even better if they have 2 cases of beer in the back of their car! Thanx!!!!


20.30 dried up after the show, bellies full and the stuff packed for the trip to Fürth. All works well but….. No driver.


23.00 our Hungarian friend is almost there, just at the Burger King catching a last meal before we drive.


02.30 arrived in the hotel after a lot of searching…. All off for a good night sleep in a decent bed and a hot shower in the morning.


- Rowan


Thursday 23 (Pratteln, CH)

14:00 I make a picture (you know the drill). Well, gooooooooood morning Pratteln! Third time Pratteln in Heidevolk history. First Black sails over Europe tour then Metalfest and now Heidenfest. The Z7 is always a great place to be. Nice venue, nice people, good food, good coffee, good beer, good stage, good sound, good backstage, good showers, good toilets, good towels, good nature, good trees, good cars, good birds, good cats, good dogs, good cows, good parking lot, good parking lot stripes, good tables, good chairs, good everything…


17:30 entering stage after a great meal. The venue is close to sold out and the crowd is going crazy!


18:15 Parrot Joost and Shark me on stage to plunder the stage of Swashbuckle.


22:00 lots of talking and drinking with fans and bands (what else).


Wednesday 22 (Paris, F)

 12:00 Traffic jam in Paris (no kiddin’). We’re literary taking an hour for 1000 meters, but hey that’s okay, we’ve got the time today!


13:00 arrival at Elysee mon martre, what a great place!!!! But first (read: thirst) things first, we’re in La France so Joost and i go hunting for a nice terrace and few verres du vin. Guess what…found it.

- Rowan


14:00 What's that Justin?! You have never seen the Eifeltower, Champs des l'esee and Arc des triumph?! Well lets go visit them!! So there I went as a tourguide into the big city of Paris, taking along Justin & Paul of Swashbuckle and Andi, René & Sandra of Equilibrium. We first checked out the Arc and Champs des l'esee (the famous shopping street). Having a group with so many nationalities is kinda weird, but also all the more fun!! Next time I do think I will take along such a chinese tourguide embrella, hehehe!

- Sebas


15:00 I need new bass strings so it is off to downtown for some music shopping. I immediately found my heaven, Bass Center!!! I find myself trying out some bass guitars (kid in a candy store). Joost (big spender) comes back with the final parts for his in-ear monitor system. Freaking high tech drummer! Well, I got my strings!


18:15 I make the stupidest on stage mistake ever: Paris, avez vous une autre chanson!!!!! (Do you HAVE another song). Damn verbs. At least everyone is screaming and shouting so I guess they forgave me this mistake.

- Rowan


18:45 Rowan in a Shark-costume and me in a Parrot-costume. We rampaged the whole stage and left no-one alive!!!


20:30 Let's go see the eifeltower!!! :-) with the whole bunch we went for good pizza and the beautiful site of the eifeltower at night.


0:00 Spending hours on the Périphérique. I’m off to bed !

- Sebas


Tuesday 21 (Rennes, F)

6:00 Arrival on the ferry. Joost,  Sebas and I leave the bus to explore the boat. We find a Restaurant and decide to take some breakfast. I really don’t complain much but this is the worst € 10,- Breakfast I’ve ever had.


8:00 French shores within sight, we are watching the sunrise on the deck of the ferry with a little sip of Cotes du Rhône (getting in to the French mood).


9:00 I’m going to sleep…

- Rowan 


4:45 Driving through France and watching Futurama. Most of the guys are still in their bunks. Is the autumnal equinox on the 21st this year? Getting hungry, can’t wait for some local cuisine!



15:00 Awake, still driving on the highway to Rennes. It is getting late now. We’ve gotta hurry.


17:00 Arrival, set up and sound check then food… French cheeses et des baguettes, hell yeah!


19:00 on stage,  having a great time. French people rock! Joris starts of in French and I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves too. This results in a all-french-show!


22:00 Joost climbing and crowd surfing on a shield during Ensiferum!


0:00 a lot French talking and a great time…but I’m going to sleep (with a smile).


- Rowan


Monday 20 (London, UK)

6:30 Mr.  Barker lives up to his name and succeeds where others have failed: awakening a bus filled of sleeping metallers that just went to sleep after partying all night for passport control at Calais. I stumble out of the bus and wave my passport at an official, and then I immediately make my way back to the bunk. Something went wrong with the ferry reservation so we had to wait for 2,5 hours. Coincidentally, Dimmu Borgir is also there waiting.


15:00 Driving through sunny London, stuck in traffic. We arrive at O2 academy, warmly welcomed by very polite and friendly personnel and security. A fan even made a welcoming sign!


20:00 Show went well, crowd reception was good and all I can say is that I really enjoyed playing in the UK for the first time. We will be back in the UK, we promise!


22:00 Talked to a lot of very nice people, went out to grab a pizza with Joost and Mark and went to bed early.

- Joris


Sunday 19 (Utrecht, NL)

9:00 Spend my night in hotel, got some decent breakfast.


11:00 My eye is getting worse, I’ve decided that I’m going to see a doctor today!


13:00 Finding myself in a hospital, waiting for a doctor to see me and tell me what is wrong with my eye (after this I’m having a beer for sure).

- Rowan


14:00 Where the fuck did that monkey costume go? And who the fuck had the nerve to eat the last banana?! Oh wait…I think I smell the suit already and a half eaten banana showed itself lying between the piles of rubbage that was left over from the 36 Germanic warriors, Vikings and pirates who pillaged and plundered the breakfast table.

- Sebas


15:00 Oh yeah back at the venue, no big problems with my eye! I got some eye drop medicine, everything is going to be all right! Now for a beer!

- Rowan


18:15 On stage – it’s great being back in our home-country. Lot’s of familiar faces but also a lot of new ones. That’s awesome :-). During the show we’d set up a wall of death for the song "Wilde Heer". Being the first time we’d ever done this its worked out fine getting the crowed into two groups. Angry faces looking across the void in front of the crowed eager to bash each others faces in. So we start the song and GO!!!...... No wait nothing happens…oh wait we forgot the countdown, hahahaha. 4..3..2..1..GO!!! And there they went, and GREAT GODS!!! Braveheart was a kindergarden compared to this, hehehe.


18:40 – What the fuck? That must be the smallest parrot I have ever seen, well, I mean considering it’s a man in a parrot-suit. It’s our good friend Dani from Alestorm, giving us a visit. Memories from our last tour with Tyr and Alestorm are coming back, good times :-)


21:00 Time to get myself in the monkeysuit again, damn that thing is hot. Hahahaha! But at least the crowed went bananas, or was it apeshit?

- Sebas


5:00 Alan and I seem to be the only two left standing once again, as we keep discussing and listening to music deep into the night.


Saturday 18 (Bochum, D)

12:00 Ever had that feeling that when you wake up, everything going to be all right? I had this feeling today. Though my left eye hurts like hell, don’t know how or why but I guess it is going to be okay!


13:00 Entering the huge venue with an awesome backstage area and great catering. Lets have some breakfast!


- Rowan


14:00 looking for the backstage, going through a door, walk walk walk, through a door, walk walk walk, through a door, walk walk walk,  and there we are…no wait…a long hall with at least a million more doors in it...damn. Suddenly the movie Spinal tap comes to mind, hahaha!

- Sebas


16:00 a secret package arrives!


17:00 People flooding in when we start to play, after our first song the venue is packed! Spontaneous walls of death appear in the crowd. Gooooooooo!!!!


17:30 we had a great gig! I like stages where you can run around!


21:00 Equilibrium on stage, time for the secret package! We unpack it, there is a bunny suit, ape masks, hoola hoola Hawaii skirts and much more! A certain guitarist and a drummer of Heidevolk decide to invade the stage at the Monkey Island song! Running around, throwing banana’s and just making a fool out of themselves!

- Rowan


Friday 17 (Geiselwind, D)

10:00 early in the morning (for this tour it is), waking up with the message that there is a big article about Heidevolk in “de Volkskrant”, a Dutch national newspaper. Looking forward to the show!!!


16:59 Early show today, first of the four planned extended shows. The reaction of the public isn’t as overwhelming as the previous shows but we’re gonna make it a party anyhow.


17:30 So you guys ‘n gals can scream, why have you been waiting for it ‘till the last minute. We enjoyed the show, hope you did too!


20:00 Talking with a lot of people that will see us at Fimbulfest in Fürth next week! Great to know there will be so much support! 


23:00 still talking with people outside,we  enjoy this!


1:00 Monitor tech is deejaying 90s hits in the backstage. Huge party (well hey, it is Friday).



Thursday 16 (Saarbrucken, D)

18:00 Early show today, but you know, that’s all right because afterwards we can hang out with crowd. A big mix of French and German people banging heads and shouting. Yes, we love this!


19:00 Joost decided there is too much hatred in Swashbuckle so we have to spread a bit of love and laugh on stage (hahaha, hippie-mode on)! Joost and Kevin bought some balloons. So there we are, invading the stage while the Swashes are playing. This reminds me of the tour a year ago.


21:00 Joost is still folding balloon dogs, elephants and zebra’s. The whole backstage is filled with it. Everybody gets one, hell yeah!!!


21:30 Joost still folding balloons, even the bus driver got one!


21:45 There is a high score punching machine. We all hit it, Joost gets high scores but Mark makes tilt immediately! One thing is for sure, we can’t mess with Mark this tour…or can we…


22:00 Trying to refresh my high school French, interesting conversations about languages!


2:00 No huge party, just taking it easy in the bus, listening to Red hot Chilli Peppers and Pantera.


- Rowan



Wednesday 15 (Frankfurt, D)

13:00 Gravedigger!!!! Entering the venue we got a very familiar feeling. As it reminded us a bit of the Goudvishal in Arnhem. The place where it all began for us Heidevolk. It wasn't that big and also not to small, perfect for an evening filled with pagan-metal and a lot of beer and vodka.


17:00 In the afternoon, being normally a time of waiting, practicing solo's, checking equipment etc, we as bands also got some entertainment for us as bands; for an overly drunken guy was crawling around the stage shouting the names of his favorite bands and festivals, being for what we could make of it: Grrrraaaavedgggèèèè (Grave Digger),Naaapaaaadèèèèèè (Napalm Death) Waggèèèèèè(Wacken) Smmèèè Breeee (Summer Breeze). Sadly at the point the venue opened his excitement got the better of him and police had to arrest him. Where our drunken friend was sure enough trying to give the policeman his earphones to convince how great of a band Naappaaaadèèè really is, hahaha. Well, time for us to focus on the show.


19:30 The crowed being really enthusiastic; jumping and headbanging if there lives would depend on it.


21:00 The backstage being small and cozy, sitting on each-others laps forced us to get to know the whole touring group in a whole other way, hahaha.


Overall we were more than happy with this gig. We hope to visit Frankfurt again soon




Tuesday 14 (Hamburg, D)

13:00 Die Markthalle open and awaiting to be rocked. I have the feeling i was here before but really can’t remember it anymore. It’s an easy day today!


16:00 familiar face on the street, handing me a bottle of Jeagermeister, better put that in the fridge.


19:00 on stage, making a party. You know Hamburg, you’re so amazing. The whole venue is packed on Tuesday at seven. It gets better and better each day.  


22:00 Celebrating birthdays is the best!!!


2:00 Caught in some chamber between four doors and none of it opens, screaming my lungs out for help, the bus is about to leave. Luckily someone hears me and opens a door for me. Scary minutes but a happy ending!

- Rowan


Monday 13 (Aarhus, DK)

12:30 Awake. Searching for a bottle of water to wash away the evidence e of last night’s party. I make a picture to know where we are (don’t ask, long story). We are in Aarhus Denmark.


13:30 Had a nice breakfast and some cool water. Now for a little stroll through town. We run into a music store. I find myself trying out some bass guitars and looking at some other instruments, amps and effects. After playing a few short songs on a keyboard Joost (Drummer) discovers that there is a drum-only store 1 block away from this store. So, it is off to “Drum City”.


14:00 Aarhus turns out to be quite a nice city with a big square and a Cathedral. The same square has got the best store ever. And why is this the best store ever? Because they sell Chocolate, Pipes with tobacco, ice scream and…that’s right…booze. So we bought some …yes that’s right.


14:30 Having a Leffe dark beer with the guys from Swashbuckle at a terrace in the middle of Aarhus. This is the life, sitting in the sun, having a nice Belgian beer, taking it easy, watching people walk by. Divine!    

- Rowan


15:00 Recounting the merchandise, not a very fun activity.


16:30 Enjoying a nice Ceres in the sun, waiting can be gooood.


19:30 Leaving the stage, not that many people but at least they went wild!


20:00 Watching Swashbuckle shred from the balcony ! Two very familiar looking exotic animals running around on stage.


20:30 Time for some chow, we decide Byens Burger will be the scene for the massacre.


21:15 DAMN, those were some of the best burgers ever!


0:00 A Danish girl with a rabbit handpuppet stumbles out of the venue, and it seems prudent to call it a night now.

- Joris


Sunday 12 (Berin, D)

6:00 AM Joost, Alan and yours truly still going strong, the rest has gone to sleep… entering Berlin at the crack of dawn, a beautiful sight! Guess I better turn in now.


12:00 I awake with the firm determination to get at least six hours of sleep, only to find out I just had exactly that. Doesn’t feel like it though… An abundance of activity surrounds the bus and the venue, but I’m off to a slow start.


13:00 Meat on the table! Nothing like a good meal!

- Joris 


15:01 Joost is awake, I’m typing the tour report (and hit a hole in one, best one in my whole professional golf career), Joris is hunting for rabbits, Sebas is on a shopping spree in Copenhagen, Mark is building a new building for the Swiss parliament and Kevin is power lifting the tourbus. Yep, this is gonna be a great day!
- Rowan

18:59 ready to rock in Berlin. On stage in 1 minute.


19:30 We rocked our asses of on stage, the Berlin crowd rules! You guys keep screaming for more but sadly we only have half an hour a day on this tour. But we’ll be back Berlin, and that is a promise!


19:45 A Photographer from “de Volkskrant” (Dutch newspaper) makes pictures of us backstage posing and screaming. Curious what these pictures  look like. After the photo session an interview with a German E-Zine.   


0:00 Twilight just ended their last song, great show and lots of good response. Now it is off to drinking and partying (it is a Sunday after all).


3:00 Huge party in the tour bus, DeeJay NB is guiding us through some awesome heavy metal landscapes.


Saturday 11 (Leipzig, D)

15:00 playing soccer with the guys from Twilight. Well playing “soccer” is a big word, it is more kicking a ball with a beer in de hand. Alan and Sebas turn out to be quite the Ronaldo’s, with trick shots and everything. The others are more or less watching it happen.


16:15 Joris finally found the soundtrack “Battlestar Galactica” on the iPhone of Joost. Now he’s whistling the damn thing over and over again (actually it isn’t that bad).


18:00 bit of stress at the sound check but we’re confident this night will be great!  


19:30 Drained but fulfilled! Excellent crowd in Leipzig, and a total blast to play there! You guys now how to sing along!


21:00 standing/choking at the bar in the smoking lounge. Laughing and drinking with the guys from ‘Merika (the Swashbuckle pirates). Those guys know funny jokes, ask them when you see them next time!

- Rowan


Friday 10 (München, D)

3:45 AM: Awake! In half a hour the other band members will arrive and I still have to pack some important things like my computer, some extra batteries and some good DVD’s. The others arrive at 4:05 and I’m not ready. But we have to go so guess what…forgot the DVD’s.  Whatever, don’t need them anyway, it is going be an awesome tour!

The first cans of beer are opened at 4:06, aah…Hertog Jan, the best Dutch beer for an early morning. We arrive at the Frankfurt Airport at 10:00, tourbus pickup point for us and Swashbuckle. We drive around for about ten times but the tourbus isn’t there yet.

11:00 The tourbus arrives and we get on. This tourbus looks familiar! And so does the driver. When we discover the ultra cool magic touch-lamp inside we know why. This is the same tourbus that brought us through the whole of Europe during the “Black Sail over Europe Tour” in 2009. Loads of good memories in here! Time for a beer (again)

- Rowan


13:00: Dazzling Swashbuckle with our 90s techno hit compilation! Behind on schedule so slightly stressed.

18:15: We arrived a bit late, so the situation at the venue in Munich was a bit hectic. After a lot of handshaking we settled in our backstage, which was cozy to put it mildly.

19:00: After a quick line check we get going! Heidenfest is under way!

19:30: Sound on stage wasn’t ideal but we had a blast! Although 30 minutes is (too) short the audience is pretty wild and we’re exhausted. Time for a cold beer and some food!

- Joris


21:00: having a good laugh and a lot of beer with concert visitors! Two guys from Texas make the coolness of the evening complete. We’re talking about Pabst (US worst beer ever, or so I’m told) and a lot of other beers. Why is everybody talking about beer? When I go outside it all makes sense: huge beer tables a lot of drinking and a lot of party, the Oktober-festen have begun!

0:00: Joost trips over a table in the backstage, leaving a puddle of mixed drink on the floor. Yes, it is that late…  

- Rowan


1:30: Why can’t anybody of the touring party remember the theme from Battlestar Galactica!? Time to go to bed I guess…

8:30 in AM: A bunk does have a bit of what I think a coffin sensation must be like, but nevertheless I slept well. I awoke to a duet of the bus engine and Mark’s snoring, truly a match made in hell. I turned on the light and found out my bunk was a bit of a mess, so after tidying up a bit I felt it was about time to put on some clothes and see what else was happening in our cave-on-wheels. After sitting down with a few fellow early birds we soon arrived in Leipzig

11:00: Arrival in sunny Leipzig, and a parade of post-alcoholic living dead leaves the busses. Time for some serious unpacking, lots of shirt-filled boxes to be unloaded.

13:00: Finally some food! Hellraiser is evil-looking, in a good way of course!

- Joris    





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