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Mercenary - Tourdiary "Killing Season" Tour 2008

Melo-Death stars MERCENARY are on the road, taking over Europe, city by city! Here at sounds2move.de, you can witness first hand, what goes on behind the scenes, read blogs posted by the band members, pictures of life on the road, and stay posted on the development of the MERCENARY plague!! No one is immune, No one is safe!

René Pedersen / Mercenary


Blog No. 5 (April 25th)

So everyone who have been reading the blogs, this past month. The tour is slowly reaching it´s end! Im gonna miss being out on the road, meeting all theese happy people, and not least being on stage, to play my ass of for you guys. But all good things got to end, and that goes for this tour also!

But, this tour, has really been one hell of a ride!! We played big venues, small venues, amazing venues, shitty venues! Meet nice people, people who where not so nice!! But all in all, it been a very very good tour! And I want to, again!, extend my deepest gratitude to all of you, who showed up at the shows, supporting this tour, and making a tour that I will never forget! We played a lot of countrys on this tour, 9 to be exact, and each and everyone has been a different experience from the other! In the UK, the venues where so so, but still the audience kicked our asses, and for that Britan! I give you credit!! Thx for supporting Mercenary, and hope to see you at Blodstock!! (fingers crossed)!!

To our German fans, I would like to extend an even bigger thank you!! Germany is getting better and better for us, every time we come back, we feel even more at home, and that is a feeling that we dont get everywhere!! Thank you!! (Essen, Turock! Still the greatest venue for me in all of Germany!!). To all the rest of you guys! Holland, Belgium, Switzerland (Z-7!!), Austria, Italy (Porcha!), Scotland! All of our fans in Denmark!! You guys fucking rule!!

Im looking forward to getting back to Europe, and hopefully we will headline/co-Headline a tour in the near future, lets see where the wind blows us!!

Untill then my friends!! Stay loyal, stay black!!

And keep on supporting Mercenary! With out you guys! We would be NOTHING!!



Mercenary @ Turock Essen (D)


Blog No. 4 (April 16th)

Blog 4 -The Uk diary!! 

So my faithfull blog readers!! the tour has now reached the UK, and yesterday we played at "The Underworld" in London!! That show was awesome, alot of happy people, and they cheered like there was no tomorrow!! A big THX on behalf of all of Mercenary!! U guys made the night, a night to remember! Today we are playing at the "Junction7" in Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood hehe... Very nice! There is wireless, and good catering, totally makes up for the small stage, and lack of room in the venue in general.

The ride to the UK was really tough, we played a show in Rome at the 13th of April, and then we had the show in London at the 15th. We only had one driver pr. bus, and that was not enough, because they have to abide by the law, and can therefore only drive 8 hours straight, and then have to take at break for like 9 hours. So we had to get in 2 new drivers, the driver for the Death Angel came first, like 4 hours before ours, so we ended up waiting 8 hours at a Swiss gas station. Was really really boring, no internet, no nothing... sucked.

But we got here, and so far the english show are looking to be awesome, so lets hope so!! I´ll check in later with more updates..... Untill Then!! Spread the word, and thx for the support!



Mercenary in Pratteln (CH)


Blog No. 3 (April 9th)

Hello everybody!

Im writing to you here from Budapest, sitting outside, in the sun, there is totally like summer down here, and everybody is just happy to be here!!

Yesterday we had a off day here, unfortunately the weather was not good yesterday, it rained, and was actually pretty cold, but we still went for a walk in the city, and got to see alot of it. It is my first time here in Budapest, the other guys have been here before, and only had good things to say, so I was looking forward to seeing for myself. Im very very impressed, food and drinks are soo cheap down here, went to a café this morning, drank like two cokes, ate a Pizza, fries, coffee, and still, only payed like 8 euro´s!! Fucking amazing!

So tonight we are playing at "A38", wich is actually an old boat, made into a venue! Awesome place, one of the best venues so far on this tour! So really looking forward to getting on stage, and kicking some Hungarian ass!!! The tour is getting along smooth, and everbody seems to get along, no problems there, I could have feared that there would be some problems by now, being so many people on a bus, having to live together, so close, and for such along time, but all of the guys in the other bands are really nice, and we seem to have the same views on alot of stuff! So that couldent be better!! Just hoping that the tour continiues to go so smooth!!

I´ll be checking in later with more updates on the Metal Mayhem!! Untill then my faithful blog readers!!

Take care, Cheers


Blog No. 2 (April 7th)

Helloooo people!!!

Just checking in from what has turned out to be a fantastic tour so far. We are currently in the German city of Lindau where we have a show tonight. The last days have been amazing…starting with the Dynamo Club in Eindhoven with a sold out crowd of 600+ and following the path of so many others at the historic BIEBOB which is always a very cool and privileged experience to do. Only bad thing about that club is that once you are in the backstage and the bands start to play you are fucking stuck there with no possibility to take a crap… ha ha ha 

We had a great show yesterday with a lot of crazy people making it a night to remember. And so tonight we do show number 6 in a row which is starting to take its tole on the old body J My voice is holding up very nicely on this tour so far and I credit that fact to me taking care of myself in a way that I really haven´t done before. Getting to bed relatively early and holding back on the drinking…Good thing I have a laptop and brought a lot of movies on this tour.

Tomorrow we have a day off and will be very exiting because we travel to Budapest tonight and that will give us a great chance to do some sightseeing. We have been to Budapest a few times before and it is simply one of the most beautiful places in the world.

So all and all a very pleasant tour so far with a lot of great guys and good mood every where.

Until the next time I blog… Take care U ALL!!!!...

First live-impressions of the "Killing Season" Tour. Photos by Mercenary


Blog No. 1 (April 5th)

So, the tour is well kicked off now, and we are beginning to get a routine up and running, about the stage set up, and stuff like that, so far the shows have been a bit rough in the edges because there has been alot of confusion about alot of technical stuff, which resulted in some minor delays, and stuff like that! But aside from that the tour is going great, we share a nightliner with the two first support bands, and they are good guys, but the bus can get a bit crowded some times, but then there is always the bunk, where one can go, to seek personal space, and be alone, and that it working beautifully! The bunk is roomy enough for a lap top, and you can kick back and watch some good movies, and thats what we pass the spare time with, a least most of the time! It´s very relaxing!

So far we have played 3 shows, and tonight we are playing the Dynamo Club in Eindhoven! It´s gonna be one hell of a show, the show is already sold out! So tonight we will be playing in front off 600 happy dutch people, just begging to hear some metal! Hell yeah! What more could you want?

So, I have to make sure to remember that it is Holland im in tonight, and not Germany! ;) did the cliche at the show in Utrecht, first show of the tour, and EVERY thing just went wrong for me, first I lose the thing holding up my bass strap, so I have to hold up the bass myself, all the way through "My Secret Window", and then, irritated, and stressed over the technical problems, my mind is`nt 100 % into it the next couple of minutes, and of course thats when I decide to walk up to the microphone, and say "Are you ready Germany! I know I am!!!" And just as I said it, I thought, "Oh shit..." hehe... People stated booing, and throwing their drinks at me! Well deserved I might add! Im sorry Holland! It wont happen again! ;)

Well thats all for now, Stay posted for more updates on the tour!



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