Künstler Titel
Saattue Jäähyvästi
Sabaton The Hunter
Saeko Life
Saga 10.000 Days
  Worlds Apart Revised
Sahg II
Sainc Pathogen (Demo)
Saltatio Mortis Zirkus Zeitgeist - Live aus der Großen Freiheit
  Zirkus Zeitgeist - ohne Strom und Stecker
  Zirkus Zeitgeist
  Das schwarze Einmaleins
  Manufactum III
  Sturm Aufs Paradies
  10 Jahre Wild und Frei
Manufactum II
  Wer Wind sät
  Aus der Asche
  Des Königs Henker
Samael Above
  Era One / Lessons in Magic (als Era One)
Sanctity Road to Bloodshed
Sandra Nasic The Signal
  Fever (Single)
Saphena Das Leben wird zu Glas
Sarah Jezebel Deva A Sign of Sublime
Saratoga The Fighting Clan
Sarke Vorunah
Satyricon Nemesis Divina (Reissue)
  Live at the Opera
  The Age of Nero
  Now, Diabolical
Savatage div. Titel (Re-Issues)
Savage Circus Of Doom and Death
Saviours Death's Procession
Savn Savn
Saxon Sacrifice

Heavy Metal Thunder Live - Eagles Over Wacken (CD + DVD)
The Carrere Years 1979-1984
Call To Arms
Into the Labyrith
  The inner Sanctum
  The Eagle has Landed - Part 3
Scale The Summit The Collective
Scab Our Time
Scarlet Fire Scarlet Fire EP
Scarpoint The Silence we deserve
Scarve The Undercurrent
Schandmaul Leuchtfeuer
  So weit, so gut
  Sinnfonie (CD / DVD)
  Sinnbilder (DVD)
  Mit Leib und Seele
Bin unterwegs (Single)
Wie Pech und Schwefel
Schelmish Die hässlichen Kinder
Schrottgrenze Schrottism
  Chateau Schrottgrenze
S-Core Gust of Rage
Scott Stapp Proof of Life
Scar The Martyr Scar The Martyr
Scornage Born to murder the World
Scrubs Time is not Mine
Scum of the Earth Love Songs for a new Millenium
Sear Bliss The Arcane Odyssey
Secht True Narcotic Black Metal
Secondhand Child What do you live for
Secret Discovery Alternate
Secrets of Sin Fairytales (Demo)
Seether Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray
Semlah Semlah
Sentenced The Funeral Album
Sepultura A-Lex
  Dante XXI
Live in Sao Paulo
Serenity Codex Atlanticus
War Of Ages

Death & Legacy
  Fallen Sanctuary
  Words untold & Dream unlived
  Engraved Within (Demo)
Serpentcult Weight of Light
Serum 114 Kopfüber im Club (DVD)
  Kopfüber ins Nichts
  Serum 114
Seven Angels Faceless Man
Seven Witches Call Upon The Wicked
Shade Empire Zero Nexus
Shadow Gallery Room V
Shadowgarden Ashen
Shadows Fall Retribution
  Threads of Life
  Fallout from the War
Shadowside Dare to Dream
Shaking Godspeed Hoera & Awe
Shakra Powerplay

Back on Track
Shamrain Goodbye to all that
Shatter Messiah God burns like Flesh
  Never to play the servant
Shear Breaking The Stillness

In Solitude (Demo)
Shenaniganz Open Your Eyes or cover your Head
She said Destroy Times like Vines
Shinedown Amaryllis
The Sound of Madness
Shining Halmstad
Shiver Ocean of Illusion
Sick Satanism.Sickness.Solitude
Sick of it All Nonstop

Based on a true Story
  Death to Tyrants
Sick of it All, Tribute to Our Impact will be felt
Sideblast Flight of the Moth
Sidewaytown Years in the Wall
Siebenbürgen Revelation VI
  Darker Designs & Images
Sieges Even Playgrounds
  The Art of Naviating by the Stars
Siegfried Nibelung
Signum Regis Signum Regis
Silber Hier und Jetzt
Silentium Amortean
Silent Overdrive Wake Up Call
Silver Wolf chasing Wolf
Silver Fist Tears of Blood
Silverlane My inner Demon
Silverstein Decade
  18 Candles
Sinamore A new Day
Since the Day El mensajero no es importante
Since the Flood No Compromise
Sinew Silenced (Demo)
Sinister Legacy of Ashes
  The Silent Howling
Sirenia The seventh Life Path
  The 13th Floor *Double-Review*
  Nine Destinies and a Downfall
  Sirenian Shores (EP)
Sister Sin Black Lotus
Now And Forever
Six Feet Under Death Rituals
Six Gallery Breakthroughts in Modern Art
Six Reasons to Kill Another Horizont
Sixx A.M.  Prayers For The Damned
Modern Vintage
This Is Gonna Hurt
Sjodogg Landscapes of Disease and Decadence
Skarhead Drugs, Music & Sex
Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed

Forever Abomination
Skid Row United World Rebellion: Chapter 2 - Rise of the Damnation Army
United World Rebellion - Chapter One
Skindred Union Black
Skinny Puppy Mythmaker
Skunk Anansie Smashes and Trashes (Best of)
Skeletal Family Sakura
Skyclad In the... all together
Skindred Roots Rock Riot
Slash Live: Made In Stoke (DVD)

Slavery Lost Reality (Demo)
Sleepingodslie Phlegma
Slipknot .5 - The Gray Chapter
  Sicnesses - Live At Download (BluRay)
  All Hope is gone
  Voliminal - Inside the Nine
  9.0 : Live
Vol. 3 (the subliminal verses)
Slumber Fallout
Slunt One Night Stand
Snook Blessed with Rock N Roll
Sodom Epitome Of Torture
  In War and Pieces
  The Final Sign of Evil
Lords of Depravity (DVD)
Soil Whole

Picture Perfect
Soilent Green Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction
Soilwork The Panic Broadcast
  Stabbing the Drama
Solar Fake Reasons To Kill
Solefald Red for Fire - An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1
Solstafir Köld
Solstice “Lamentations”, “Halycon”, “New Dark Age” (Re-Releases)
Sonata Arctica The Collection
  Fot the Sake of Revenge (Live)
Sonic Syndicate Confessions
  Rebellion (EP)
Sonne Adam Transformation
Sons of Seasons Magnisphyricon
Gods of Vermin
Soon End Isolation
Sorgsvart Vikingtid Og Anarki
  Fortapt Frau Verden I Vakkert Selvmord
Sothis De Oppresso Liber
Soulfly Enslaved

Soulgate's Dawn Messiah
Soul Sacrifice Carpe Mortum
Soul Takers Flies in a Jar
Soundgarden Superunknown
Southern Cross Rise Above
Space Odyssey Tears of the Sun
Spandau Ballet The Reformation Tour 2009 - Live at the O2 (DVD)
Spectre Dragon Beyond Creation
Spineshank Anger Denial Acceptance
Spiralarms Freedom
Spiritual Beggars Live Fire (DVD)
SPiT LiKE THiS Normalityville Horror
Spock's Beard Live (DVD)
  Spock's Beard
  Live in 2005 - Gluttons for Punishment
Spooky Evolution The mess I'm in (Demo)
Spout Drift (Single)
Spyder Baby Let us prey
SS-Kaliert Subzero
Stahlmann Adamant

Staind Live From Mohegan Sun

Stam1na Raja
Starkill Fires Of Life
Starkweather Croathoan
Star of Ash The Thread
Static-X Cannibal
  Beneath, Between, Beyond
Status Quo Pictures: Live In Montreux

The Party ain't over yet
Staubkind Zu weit
Stayte The Two Sisters
Steadlür Steadlür
Steak Number Eight The Hutch
Steel Panther Live from Lexxi's Mom's Garage
  All you can eat
  Balls Out
Stereoside So Long
Steve Hackett Wild Orchids
Steve Hackett & The Underworld Orchestra Metamorpheus
Steve N Seagulls Farm Machine
Steven Wilson 4 ½
The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)

Steve Thorne Emotional Creatures: Part One
Stick to your Guns Diamond
Comes from the Heart
Stigma When Midnight strikes
Still Remains The Serpent
  Of Love and Lunacry
Stolen Babies There be Squabbies ahead
Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington High Rise (EP)
Stonegard From Dusk Till Dawn
Stoneman How to spell Heroin
Stone Sour House Of Gold & Bones Part 2

House Of Gold & Bones Part 1

Audio Secrecy
  Come what(ever) may
Storm Corrosion Storm Corrosion
Stormlord Mare Nostrum
Stormwarrior Heading Northe
  At foreign shores - Live in Japan
Straight Line Stitch The Fight Of Our Lives
Strapping Young Lad The New Black
Stratovarius Nemesis

Stream of Passion Darker Days

The Flame Within
  Live in the real World (DVD)
  Embrace the Storm
String Cheese Incident One Step Closer
Stuck Mojo The Great Revival
  Southern born Killers
Sturch Beauty, Anger and Aggression
Sturm und Drang Rock N Roll Children
  Learning to Rock
Sturmgeist Über
Stygma IV Hell Within
Sub7even Love Chains 'n Rockets
Substyle Walking the Dino
Subway to Sally Kreuzfeuer  *Double-Review*
  Nord Nord Ost
Sieben (Single)
Suffer Chronicles of lost Purity
Sugarbird Sugarbird (Demo)
Suicidal Angels Sanctify the Darkness
Suicide City Frenzy
Suicide Silence The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show (Ending is the Beginning)
The Black Crown

No Time to Bleed
Suidakra Book Of Dowth
Emprise to Avalon (Re-Release)
  13 Years of Celtic Wartunes
Summoning Oath Bound
Superbutt Music For Animals

You And Your Revolution
Supercharger That's How We Roll
Superstrings Speechballon
Supersuckers Get to Hell
Survive Survive (Import)
Susperia Attitude
  Cut from Stone
Svartharid Malicious Pride
Svartsot Ravnenes Saga
Svarttjern Misanthropic Path Of Madness
Swallow the Sun Songs from the North
  Emerald Forest and the Blackbird
  New Moon
  Plague of Butterflies EP
Swashbuckle Back to Noose
Sweatmaster Animal
Sworn The Alleviation
Sworn Enemy Total World Domination
  The Beginning of the End
Sybreed Antares
Sycronomica Syroscope
Sylvan Force of Gravity
Symfonia In Paradisum
Symphony Cul Rewind to fast forward
Symphony X Paradise Lost (Re-Release)
  Paradise Lost
Symphorce Unrestricted
Synaptic Distortion of Senses (Demo)
Syrach Days of Wrath
  Days of Wrath (Demo)
System Divide The Collapse EP (Demo)