Künstler Titel
Facebreaker Infected
  Dead, rotten and hungry
Faith and the Muse Ankoku Butoh
Fairyland Score to a new Beginning
  The Fall of an Empire
Falchion Chronicals of the Dead
Falconer Among Beggars and Thieves
Falkenbach Tiurida
  Heralding - The Fireblade
Fall of the Leafe Aerolithe
Fall ov Serafim Nex Iehovae
Fall of Serenity The Crossfire
Farewell to Freeway Filthy Habits
Farewell to Words Tear down this Wall EP
Farin Urlaub Livealbum of Death
Zehn (Single)
Sonne (Single)
Porzellan (Single)
Am Ende der Sonne
Farsot III
Fate Vultures
Fates Warning Live in Athens (DVD)
Faun Luna
Buch der Balladen
  Faun and the Pagan Folk Festival - Live
Faust Against The Trial
Fear FactoryThe Industrialist

Fear my Thoughts Isolation
Feast for the Crows When all seems to be burned

Felony First Works (Demo)
Felskinn Listen!
Feuerschwanz Auf's Leben
  Wunsch ist Wunsch
  Drachentanz - Live
Fiddler's Green 25 Blarney Roses Live in Cologne
  Drive me Mad!

  Ur Jordens Djup

Days of Defiance
  The Premonition
Fish Return to Childhood
Fission Crater
Five Finger Death Punch American Capitalist
Fjoergyn Jahreszeiten
  Sade Et Masoch
Flesh Worship the Soul of Disgust
Fleshcrawl The Structures of Death
Flotsam & Jetsam Once in a Deathtime
Flower Kings Instant Delivery (DVD)
Flowing Tears Thy Kingdom Gone
  Invanity - Live in Berlin
Flyleaf Between The Stars
Folkearth By the Sword of my Father
ForeSin Enarxis
Forest Silence Philosophy of Winter
Forever Slave Tales for bad Girls
  Alice's Inferno
Forgotten Chaos Victorious among the Damned
Fozzy Do you wanna start a War
 Sin And Bones

Remains Alive
Chasing the Grail
  All That Remains
Frank Zander Wahnsinn / Zanders Zorn
Freddie MercuryBarcelona
Freedom Call Dimensions
  The Circle of Life
Freezeebee Rockmachine
Frei.Wild Gegengift
  Hart am Wind
Freya Life the Curse
Front Line Assembly Fallout
Frontside Twilight of the Gods
Frost Experiment in mass appeal
Frosthardr Makteslos
Fueled by Fire Spread the Fire
Fu Manchu Signs of Infinite Power
Funeral As Light does the Shadow
Funeral for a Friend Memory and Humanity
  Tales don't tell themselves
Funker Vogt Navigator
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Don't look back
Furze UTD
Future is Tomorrow Fit to Die